The beta stage has ended: Welcome new features!

Thank you to every single one of you AgiNotes early adopters. We've received tons of feedback and it's clear that this kind of service is needed and appreciated. We've also got a lot of great ideas for further development of AgiNotes. And we are definitely continuing the development and listening to you. 

The beta stage has now ended. For this reason, AgiNotes premium is not free anymore. However, the pricing is affordable for all, and we intend to keep it that way. Read more.

A new feature: Training list

We have added some awesome new features to AgiNotes! The first one is the training list. When you are training or in competition, you probably notice one or two things you need to practice. Now you can add those things directly to AgiNotes!

We advise you to add sufficiently small entities to your training list. If you have a big goal, split it into several smaller skills to train, and it’s thus more probable that you reach your goal. Remember, baby steps in the right direction make the magic happen, also in dog agility.

With AgiNotes you can organise your training topics, so that you can prioritise them properly. This way you can maintain focus more easily when planning your agility training.

When you are happy with the skills concerning your training list item, you can move the item to the archive. Quite handy, isn’t it!

A new feature: Speed graph


Another thing that we added to AgiNotes is the speed graph. We are so excited about this, because it helps you see how your speed is developing. If your speed is decreasing, you notice that you might want to get your dog checked or change some things in your handling, whereas if it’s increasing, you know that what you've trained the right things and how you've handled works.

As a default, you see the speed of clean runs. However, you can also choose to see the speed of all runs. You can sort the speed data according to the course type (jumping course or agility course).

Other new stuff

In the clean run graph, you can now sort the results according to the course type (jumping course or agility course). This will be very interesting from several points of view. For example,  if the difference is really big, could something be done about contact performance?

In addition, we’ve made a lot of small improvements concerning usability, as well as fixed bugs we’ve found or you’ve reported to us.

Thank you again to all of you! I truly hope you like the new features and improvements. Remember that if you have any ideas or needs, or you notice anything that isn’t working, feel free to contact us. We’re building this for you.