AgiNotes is for those who love dog agility and have goals at any level you can think of. AgiNotes is designed to make agility training more systematic and tracking development easy, and by doing so, help its users succeed. You can easily use it on your mobile phone and in several languages (in English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian). 


KEEP your training and competition data iN order

Are your training and competition data and notes scattered in notebooks, social media services, and photos, for example? AgiNotes keeps your training and competition data in one place and in good order. 



Make your training more systematic

Plan your training based on the needs coming up in competition tracking and training sessions. Add these issues to your training list and prioritise them. In your training diary you can see if you have actually concentrated on the right training topics.


Track your development

By adding your competition data to AgiNotes, it shows how your results and speed are developing. In addition, you can easily see what causes faults in competitions. 

Agility is my passion and I’m definitely a bit of a nerd about it! AgiNotes is perfect for me as it will help me record my dogs mps and keep a record of any areas I need to train more. I’m particularly looking forward to recording Why’s show results from his very first season!
— Becky Sinclair (Sixx, Who, Why)
Because I put so much time in foundations and training, I find AgiNotes perfect to keep journal and notes about my training sessions. I can see what we did and didn’t train. I can see what we should master and what’s too much to ask.

I can keep journal on my trials, speed, disqualifications and course fault reasons. Just incredible for a nerd like me!
— Enya Habel (Sydney, Party)
Finally an app with which I can track our development both in competitions and training! You can save all the important agility data in one place!
— Veera Muhonen (Nooa, Ludo, Neri)