Members of the Team AgiNotes

AgiNotes supports some outstanding and positive agility people who work hard to get to their goals, compete against themselves, and at the same time, inspire and lift others up.

We are proud to present Silje Johansen, Iina Asunta, Petra Malin, Becky Sinclair, Jesi Vanden Langenberg, Cathrine Skaret, Gitte Hoffmeister, Christine Faltner, Ollie Tatton, Emily Abrahams, Ole Kristoffer R.B Sagløkken, Becky Schiltz, Renee Prinsloo, Michelle Burri, Susan Koldenhof, Sammy Pegg, Lisa Bächler, Adrian Bajo, Bailey Preston, Sarah Pontoppidan, Jane Elene Christensen, Themistoklis Orkopoulos, Thomas Raczka, Sabina Šťastná, Anki Molander and Thomas Berger! Read about them and why they use AgiNotes.


Silje Johansen, Norway


I'm Silje Johansen, 25 y/o agility competitor from Norway. I have been doing agility for almost 10 years. Today I have three dogs: Bea, Liz and Windy. Together with Liz (10 y/o), I have achieved many good results: member of the Norwegian National team seven times and competitior at the Agility World Championship five times: best result 5th place! Liz is now retired from agility after being the Norwegian Champion 2018. Bea (6y/o) is my first large dog, and she is a difficult dog. But, I never give up and we have participated in the Norwegian Champion two times: 2016+2017. Because of being the Norwegian Champion, she has also been at Crufts twice.

In 2017 at AWC in Czech Republic I reached one of my biggest dream: I had both Liz and Bea with me at the National team of Norway. Now I want to achieve this again, this time with Bea and Windy.

Being an agility competitor with two dogs in the same class is difficult: because you are not only competing with others but also against yourself. So, to get a view of Bea and Windy, I started to use AgiNotes and it has helped me so much all ready. It has helped me to find our weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

When I started agility with Liz I used Word Excel to register our results. AgiNotes has helped me to track each dog in my pack more easily. It's hard enough as it is, to compete with two dogs in the same class, but with AgiNotes it becomes easier! Easier to focus on each dog, individually, and together become a better team. What I love about the AgiNotes app is the ability to see the connection between training and competition: thus it is easier to create training lists to become better. AgiNotes helps us in the process of achieving our goals!

Sammy Pegg, UK


My name is Sammy Pegg, I live in the UK and I am what some would call - obsessed with agility! With my older border collie Blaze I have 2 bronze medals and 1 gold at the European Open Junior Championships in 2016 and 2017 but my focus for training is currently on my youngest; Bliss is a 3-year-old medium border collie who I’m so excited about the future with! So far in her career we have qualified for and won at multiple finals, including the CSJ Open where we won the Steeplechase Final and the Future Prospect Award!

We have also qualified for Crufts 2020 in the Novice Cup, winning one of the qualifying rounds at KCI in August 2019! Bliss is now Grade 7 so 2020 will be all about championship classes and really upping our training to get to be the best of the best! AgiNotes will be a massive help in this!

#IHaveGoals is very accurate for us! AgiNotes is incredibly useful to us as I love being able to track our progress as our training goes on, as well as knowing exactly where our weaknesses are to become even better in the future.

I just know that as our partnership progresses, AgiNotes will be a vital tool in tracking specific areas to focus our training, to really be as good as we can be!

I also have a new dog who I will be using AgiNotes for! Tempo is a border collie puppy who I am very excited about! I cannot wait to start her agility training and AgiNotes will be helping us along the way!

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Sammy’s stats

Sammy’s stats

Clean run rate

Clean run rate

Speed development

Speed development

Iina Asunta, Finland

My name is Iina and I compete with my shelties Xenon and Kromi. We’ve had an amazing journey with Xenon: In 2015 we won a bronze medal in the Finnish Championships, in 2017 we won the indoor nationals and in 2018 we won a silver medal in the Finnish Championships, even after a really difficult year and Xenon getting ill with thyroid insufficiency. 

We’ve been in the WAO Team Finland in 2014 and the EO in 2015 and 2017, and in 2018 in the Nordic Championships!

AgiNotes has been such a welcomed service for us! I’ve been participating in the development of it by giving feedback and testing the service from the very beginning.

With our young dog, Nitro, there’s so much to train. AgiNotes has helped me in keeping my training plans clear and structured. And with Xenon, keeping a record of each competition run has opened our eyes to see the reasons for our challenges and it has been easier to focus to right things in our training!

Xenon suffers from thyroid insufficiency and for this reason we need to keep track of his speed. Deviation in our normal speed is a clear sign to go to see the vet and adjust the medication. With AgiNotes speed graph I notice those deviations more easily.

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Becky Sinclair, UK


I’m Becky, I live in Bedfordshire in the UK with my four Border Collies, Sixx, Who, Why and Squeeze. Who is 5 years old and competes at Championship level. Last year we competed at IFCS in Holland and international competition is something I hope we do more of!

Why is nearly two and a half, competing at Grade 3. He’s had some confidence and hormonal issues which we’re working through but I think he has a lot of potential once we overcome the struggles!

Sixx is 8, she doesn’t compete but barks a lot and enjoys life. AgiNotes helps fuel my agility addiction- it gives me somewhere to keep my results and training lists so I know what I need to focus on. It’s also really useful to have everything in one place so videos, etc are easy to find!

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Petra Malin, Finland

The photo by Mageekuva/Rita Larjava

The photo by Mageekuva/Rita Larjava

I’m Petra Malin, an agility competitor and coach from Finland. I have three dogs, a miniature pinschers Manu and Ani, and Australian kelpie Teuvo. Manu is almost ten and he’s my first dog. With him we’ve had an incredible journey in agility world. Nine years ago I’d never been able to imagine what we would experience together! We have 4 team medals from the Nationals, 3 team medals from district championships and one medal from individuals in district championships. All of my three dogs are Finnish agility and jumping champions. However, more important that any success is the journey we’ve had together.

And then, Teuvo, 5 years, is a very reactive and intensive dog and we’ve work so hard to get where we are now. Learning the handling of a large dog felt like a totally new sport. Teuvo has taught me a lot about dog training in general! Now all the hard work pays off and I can enjoy our runs with a very skilled dog who often surprises me positively. Of course, we still have work to do, since you’re never ready in agility.

My head is full of training ideas and sometimes I feel I get overwhelmed with all the things we should focus on. AgiNotes has helped me concentrate on specific skill areas and my training has become more consistent. I love to follow all the stats I get from the app and they help me concretely see our development. I have, for example, built speed to Teuvo through fitness exercising and faster obstacle performance, and this can be clearly seen in our speed development! I like the AgiNotes features and the ease of use: I get to note down all my training ideas the moment I get them, since my phone is always with me.

Jesi Vanden langenberg, USA


My name is Jesi and I have been competing in agility for 9 years. I am an agility trainer and international competitor. I have three dogs, amazing Stormy who is my first agility dog (retired,) Mayhem who was on team USA in 2012 for the European Open Junior and my youngest dog Zae who competed at the International Agility Festival in England and the Berger Agility Sommer Event in Germany in 2017.  #WeHaveGoals.  

I've always been obsessed with dogs, and agility has taken over my life in the best way possible. I am always looking to better myself and training.  AgiNotes is such a cool service for tracking our training and runs along with staying on task with the things we need to work on to keep working towards and achieving our goals. 

I can be a bit lazy and forgetful with tracking scores and going back to train things from competitions. I went to school for philosophy and have a very analytical mind so having a place to record comprehensive info about our runs and training along being able to visually see it in graphs is super helpful.  

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Cathrine Skaret, Norway


My name is Cathrine Skaret. I have three dogs, one of which is a chihuahua lady who is now 10.5 years and just a cute mascot. She would never bother to do agility with me, but as my first dog we did not think about that then. She is a demanding lady who likes to sleep, but some tricks now and then mean the world to her!

My agility dogs are Zuki and Xavi - two sheltie girls who are on different planets in terms of character and working style! My Zuki is now 3,5 years and she's my diamond in the rough. She is demanding and the coolest dog I have ever had! She really knows what she wants, and she teaches me to be a better handler and trainer. I have learned so much from her! Her attitude is just what I love, crazy and sassy!

The youngest in our little pack is Xavi, just 8 months and she's the happiest girl ever. I love how she is, my happy pill. We are working on foundation training now, which is my strong suit. I love to do foundations: The thought of giving my dogs a detailed education means a lot to me. Quick and effective training is my motto!

I tried AgiNotes the moment it was launched, and I'm so happy the app exists! The idea of planning and tracking training using my phone is awesome. I have tried notebooks etc, but they keep disappearing... Haha! But my phone is always with me. I like that I am able to plan my training in detail, but, most of all, how I can track our development. The competition features look super cool, and the detailed features make notes so much fun! 

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Gitte Hoffmeister, Denmark


My name is Gitte Hoffmeister. I have three dogs, all Shelties. Zinnia is 13 years old and retired but with a long career in agility, being part of the Danish National team 7 years in a row as well as the individual bronze medalist in 2013. Zushi is 7 years old and has been a part of the Danish National team in 2015, 2017 and 2018. Zighter is 3 years old, crazy and fast and so much fun to train.

I have been competing in agility since 1995. In 2000, I was a member of the Danish National team for the first time. For me, agility is a lifestyle. I love to train the small details. I love to see my dogs' craziness in training and competitions! 

I have started to take notes about my training and competitions several times, but AgiNotes makes this so much more simple. And I can see statistics on our training and results. Earlier it took me hours to make these statistics at the end of the year. I think AgiNotes can really help us achieve our goals!

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Christine Faltner, Austria/Norway


My Name is Christine. I’m from Austria, but living in Norway currently. I started agility 16 years ago, first with a dog on lend until I got my first dog Bubu when I was 14. I wish I could have gotten him today with all the knowledge I have collected over the years, but I’m also happy I could learn agility together with him.

At the moment, I have four dogs. There is Pipi, an 11-year-old mudi. She has always been passionate about doing agility, no matter who is handling. Now she's retired and enjoys her life as a crazy “granny”. Jamjam is my 8-year-old tervueren. Together we travelled and competed in many countries, ran at several championships (3 times FMBB, 3 times European Open, 2 times Nordic Championships and at World Championships in 2017). I have loved every adventure with her, she’s the best teammate I could ever ask for. And then there is HalliGalli, my papillon puppy. He's the little brother of my beloved Tvitvi who died way too early. Tvitvi teached me how much fun and how important good foundation work is, and I hope HalliGalli will have as much fun doing agility as Tvitvi had. Now I also have a sheltie puppy Tadaa.

Your approach to agility is defined by your goals. Whether it is to be the World Championship Winner, or getting the most of your dog in training. There's a limitless amount of great goals to choose from, and with AgiNotes, it is easier to keep track of yours.

I have now used AgiNotes for a year, and I find it really useful, especially with my puppy HalliGalli, who is now 16 months. I can hold record on what we trained most and what he needs more focus on. I find it really interesting as every dog has their own pace and own way. I'm really looking forward to start with my new puppy and to see the differences in their development and trainings.

I’m quite a chaotic person and AgiNotes brings some structure into my training and competitions without having tons of loose sheets of paper everywhere. As a designer, I especially like how my training progress is shown in graphs so I can easily follow up on what I have to train with my experienced competition dog. I’m using AgiNotes for both my competition dog and my puppy. And with both, I can easily keep track of my progress and get one step closer to our goals.

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Ollie Tatton, UK

My name is Ollie and I've been training and teaching agility in the UK for nearly 15 years, and currently I compete with my 3 year old working sheepdog Thea. 

I’ve always enjoyed tracking our speeds and success… but never enjoyed the time and effort to write it all down and look at it on my computer. Using AgiNotes on my phone solved this for me with its quick and easy approach to being an Agility Geek! It allows me to track Thea’s progress and highlight areas of improvement, which makes our training more targeted and effective.

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Emily Abrahams, Australia

My name is Emily and I’m from Australia, competing with my border collie Loki in Europe. I started in agility in 2006 with my Australian Shepherd, back when all we knew how to do was rear-crosses and maybe a front cross. He sparked my passion for this sport and since then, I sold my house, flew Loki and I to Europe and have been driving around living in a van since August 2017. We’ve had the opportunity to train with some of the most amazing trainers in the world, competed in eight countries, including representing Australia at the WAO, and being the first Australian team to run at EO. I’ve really loved getting to see and experience agility all throughout Europe, all the different styles and strengths of individual countries. 

Because of the wide range of skills I needed to teach Loki to get up to the standard of European agility, I started scribbling down notes of things I noticed we could work on after competitions or seminars. I think I have at least three notebooks in the van, all with different little messages and drawings to myself.

I started using AgiNotes as a way to keep all that information together and while I’m still not very good at it, I’m getting better – I like that it’s all in one place. I can write comments to myself to remember things later and add a commentary of what happened on courses, corresponding to course-maps. I can then add things to our training plan as they come up.

At the moment we’re still getting a lot of DQs, but they’re finally just from small mistakes, rather than monumental disasters, so I’m looking forward to seeing more data as our DQs become NQs or Qs in the future. I also really like seeing our speed compared to the winning speed, and I’m looking forward and inspired to tighten up my handling to really shave seconds off our times – seeing what Loki is capable of on a non-perfect run with some wide turns really makes me curious to see what he can do when we’re spot on. It’ll be so much fun to have a way of tracking this process and seeing our progress! 

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Ole Kristoffer R.B Sagløkken, Norway

My name is Ole Kristoffer and I’ve been doing agility for 8-9 years now and I also have my own training center in Norway and I'm working as a dog trainer full time.

I started with my mom’s Cairn terrier. Not the easiest dog, but a dog I learned so much from. The planning thing has always been important for me, I learned early that if I wanted to have good training I had to plan each training session in detail. So before I got my driving license my dad drove me to training, one hour there and back. I was always planning my training before, and afterwards I summed up how my training went and how I could improve. This is something I still do, but AgiNotes making it so much easier! 

4,5 years ago I got my first own dog. A little pyrshep named Evo. The foundation training is so important for me, and I really like doing it. When I started to train her it was so helpful to have all the old writing about the Cairn Terrier. Evo is now 4,5 years. We competed at EO 2017 and 2018. We also won “Games” at WAO this year and have travelled in competitions around the world in summer 2018. Our big goal is AWC. We have already started to prepare for next year's qualifications.

Aginotes makes things so much easier. Before, I used a notebook or notes on my telephone, but it always got out of system or I forgot to take the notebook with me to training. Now i can just use my phone and it’s system. I also really love the statistics! AgiNotes really helps me achieve my goals and track our progress.

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Becky Schiltz, Luxembourg


I am Becky Schiltz from Luxembourg and I've done agility for 10 years now. I have two Shelties. Dizzy, now 8 years old, is my first Sheltie and with her I've competed 6 times at Junior European Open and won it in 2014 in category small. This year will be the fourth time we compete at the Agility World Championships. Last year in Liberec, we ended up on the 9th place in overall. This year, 2018, we are National Champions in small dogs! Mii, 2 years old, is my second dog and we started to compete in January 2018.

I started using AgiNotes because I think that this app can help me building up my dogs the right way and it makes it easier, when I'm writing everything down, to see how far we've got in the training. In addition, I can see data from competitions, e.g. how often we manage to do clean runs, by taking a look at the statistics which the app offers.

AgiNotes is the perfect app for all agility geeks out there, because it helps us to have a clear overview over training and competitions. It makes it easier to see the achievements and the goals we have!

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Renee PriNsloo, South Africa


I have 3 agility dogs that I compete with. My first, Stardust, a 10 year old border collie that also happens to be my first agility dog. She has been such a great teacher in many ways and we found agility together when she was 2 and have achieved so many various things along the way, from achieving a National title here in South Africa to competing in both the European Open in 2013 and then the Agility World Championships in 2015.

My 2nd fur child is my border collie Savvy which has taught me more about life and joy than I ever had imagined possible. He is a special boy in so many ways. Together we have traveled to Europe to compete at the European Open in 2015 and will represent South Africa again this year at the Agility World Championships in Sweden and then we will be part of the first group of South Africans to compete at the Norwegian Open.

My baby girl is a sheltie which started her agility competition career in March this year. She has just gone from strength to strength in this game.

What I love about AgiNotes is that it gives me an easy way to track my progress with each dog individually. It helps me stay focused on the bigger goals without neglecting the smaller steps it takes to reach those goals. Too often we forget how much work has one into a particular skill and we forget to appreciate and celebrate the smaller victories in the steps towards the big picture. AgiNotes helps to remind me that there are many small victories to celebrate on the agility journey no matter what the goal is.


Michelle Burri, Switzerland

My name is Michelle and I live in Switzerland. I started to do Agility with my belgian mixed breed Momo about 14 years ago. After him, I trained a few leasing dogs of different sizes and education levels. I was able to celebrate my greatest success with my Border Collie Jezz. We competed several times at the JEO and were able to win it twice.

Blaze is my 7-year-old Papillon. Together we have already travelled a lot and competed often. For a few years now, we have been keeping up with the best in Switzerland and we have already run a few finals. My personal highlight this year was our first European Open. Agility with Blaze feels like flying – I have really enjoyed every adventure together with him and I’m looking forward to all that is yet to come.

And then there is my little wild one, Cap. With his tender age of 19 months, he’s just getting his first tournament experiences. I’m excited about our future.

Your goals in Agility are clarified only by you. Whether it’s winning at a small competition at your local club, or to participate at the World Championships, set your goals and follow them. With AgiNotes, you can clarify your goals and follow them step by step.

As a graphic designer, I’m, of course, a big fan of the simple, modern and clear structure of this App.

I’m a chaotic person. AgiNotes helps me to bring structure to our training and competitions. I’m using AgiNotes with my experienced competition dog and also with my younger dog. I see both dogs' strengths and weaknesses with one glance and I know exactly what to work on. Furthermore, I can spot short and simple sequences, which I want to train too.

Use AgiNotes too and follow your goals – step by step.

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Sara Pontoppidan, Denmark

My name is Sara and I have two working cocker spaniels, hopefully soon three.


Gaia is my first dog which has competed in class 3. She is such a powerful dog, teaching me how to handle stress in competitions and in training as she pushes me to be in the rights spots and the right time. Asti, daughter of Gaia, is such a cool little dog, not stressing at all and so easy to run with. I have huge expectations for her as she is such a smart girl.

My dogs are members of my family, and I love having fun with them in my spare time. So dog sports need to be fun, which is my goal all the way during agility, in training, and in competition - even though I have high goals.

So how to keep track on my dogs' development and even more important my own development. In the beginning, I had put notes on the paper about what my main goal was, and smaller goals to get to that. But that was all. I did not record or measure our development – so it was not very clear and easy to see how the training or the competitions were actually going. It was just a feeling for me or some notes which did not give any clearness.

Last year I was introduced to the AgiNotes app, which really gave me some new options, and a more easy way to plan my activities to reach my goals. But it also showed me that even though I did not reach one of my goals for 2019, the overall development, especially for me and Gaia was huge! This motivates me to keep on going.

The AgiNotes app also helped me to be more focused on the little goals, about little details, and tracking our development but also as a reminder of this is something I always have to be aware of, Gaias weak spots.

The AgiNotes app is a great tool to keep a track on all the above mentioned things – it really helps me to give my training a structure, what to train for next.


Susan Koldenhof, Netherlands

I'm Susan Koldenhof, 27 years old and I run with 3 Border Collies, Ace (just turned 8 years old) and Time (5,5 years old) in grade 3, and just started with Spy (3,5 years old), my mums dog, in grade 2.

Ace is my first dog, so I only started doing agility about 6.5 years ago. I had some serious problems with my health and, therefore, couldn't run as much as I wanted for quite some time. But still, I qualified with both dogs for a lot of EO's, and also qualified for AWC 2018 (ended up on 10th place individual) and 2019 with Time. We also won Avallon Cup 2018 in France !

Thanks to my dogs, I get the chance to travel the world for seminars and competitions, which I absolutely love!

I am quite a control freak and therefore I like to have things organised and clear. Also, I'm very fanatic and a perfectionist, so I always want to improve. And AgiNotes helps me with keeping track of how I'm doing with that; how my competitions are going, what my training focus is supposed to be. And that for me is very useful, since it's so much easier than "having to think about writing things down". This just keeps all the info you need together, to make it easier to follow your own progress!

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Adrian Bajo, Spain

I’m Adrian Bajo from Spain. I started agility nine years ago, and now I compete with my border collie Sucre. This year we will compete in our third consecutive AWC. I'm dedicated to teaching agility at my own club and in some seminars.

AgiNotes is very interesting. It's a way to get control of and monitor every training session and competition; to know your development and to know what you have to train. I m willing to prove it 🙂

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Jane Elene Christensen, Denmark


I’m Jane, and I’ve been doing agility for 23 years. I currently have 3.5 border collies: Jiggy 11 years, Do It 6 years, Chip 4 years and my youngest Flip, 2 years. Chip is co-owned with my sister. I’ve been competing in the AWC, European Open, WAO, Nordic Championship, etc. My biggest accomplishment was 2nd place in the individual agility at the Agility World Championships with Jiggy in 2011. Do It is a Danish Jumping Champion, Danish Agility Champion, Swedish Jumping Champion, and Swedish Agility Champion. Chip is a Danish Jumping Champion, Danish Agility Champion, and Finnish Agility Champion. Chip has been on the National Team for the Nordic Championships 2017, 2018, 2019 and we competing at the World Championships 2019. Chip was part of the team winning the Danish Championships and Team of the year in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Flip has just had her first season in competitions, and she is showing that with a bit of luck she can have world team potential.

I am a full-time agility instructor, and I love it! I teach agility both in Denmark and all around the world. In 2015, I became a OneMind Dogs Coach. I’ve taught agility in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida, California, Canada, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore, England, and Denmark.

AgiNotes is a fantastic app that helps you keep track of your training and competitions! It makes it easy to track what causes your mistakes so you can make a training plan to improve your results. I have always had my own little paper system to keep track of my results, but it always took a long time. If I wanted to analyze the results it was going to take even longer time, so I never got around to doing that. When I first heard about AgiNotes I was super curious and I am very happy to be able to track my results much more easily. I can find the problem areas much faster from the results of my competitions, so I can plan my training more efficiently.

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Bailey Preston, USA

My name's Bailey, I’ve been training agility for almost 5 years. I have 4 dogs, Wasabi (Australian Cattle dog), Chance (Terrier mix), Cody (yorkie) and Bella (Border collie x German Shepherd) who I currently compete with.

I’ve always loved the idea of keeping record of training sessions and competition statistics. But remembering to write it all down, as well as bringing the notebook everywhere was always such a hassle. AgiNotes is a convenient, easy and great app that allows me to easily submit my Competition scores, and see the statistics for my dogs overall success (placements, speed, and clean runs).

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Themistoklis Orkopoulos, Greece

My name is Themistoklis Orkopoulos and I’m an agility trainer from Athens, Greece.

I love to do agility with my 3 dogs, malinois ladies Pissa & Sierra, and a border collie girl Junkie. I used to be a professional football player and I’m passionate about many sports. And there is no better sport in the world than the one in which you compete with your best friend! But most of all, I love to teach. I love to teach my students what agility is all about, to show them how to enjoy the sport and to run as a team in competitions.

I believe that agility is a sport that anyone can enjoy, as long as they love spending quality time with their dog and somebody inspires them! Since my job as a trainer and an athlete is also to inspire others, I want to do my job perfectly in every way. I want to keep learning, keep practicing, keep becoming better!

AgiNotes is an excellent addition to my agility life, which has helped me a lot to organize my schedule, all my thoughts & goals. Since I have to train myself + 30 others, an application that does half of the work for me is simply a dream!

With Pissa I have represented Greece in FMBB ’15,’16,’17,’18 and in EO 2018 and also soon in AWC 2018! AgiNotes is by my side to help me create the perfect training schedule! Fingers crossed for AWC 2018!

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Thomas Raczka, France

My name is Thomas and I'm from France. I have two pyrenean shepherds. I started agility with Curly (now 11 years old) in 2007.
We were in the French Agility Team from 2009 to 2016 and participated in many European Open and World Championships.
We had good results in many international competitions, the best from AWC as World Champion, Vice-World Champion and third by team and also 2 times Vice-World Champion in individual championships in 2011 (France) and 2016 (Spain).

Now I'm running with my 2.5 years old pyrshep Must In Black, and we had to start back again from scratch. But we enjoy it a lot. We started to compete a year ago, and now we are in A3 and we use AgiNotes to see where we have trouble in competitions, with all the good details of the statistics. After that we can plan our next trainings and have a list of what to improve. As it's easy to use, this app is becoming our best friend in training and it help us in achieving our goals in competitions. I can only recommend this app!

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Sabina Šťastná, Czech Republic

I'm Sabina Šťastná, I'm 22 and I live in the Czech Republic with my two dogs - Endy, 13 year old miniature poodle and Taiva, 3 year old border collie. Agility is my biggest passion and I'm very happy and grateful, that thanks to my dogs, I can share my experience and knowledge at my trainings and seminars at home and abroad.

When I started to do agility in 2008, we had really hard start with Endy. He didn't like to play or work with me at all, and didn't hesitate to bite me whenever he felt uncomfortable. With clear and fair rules, systematic training and tons of love we went through this complicated path successfully. We qualified to Czech Nationals Junior Team 3-times, won Czech Poodle Championship in 2011 & 2015, became National Junior Champions in teams in 2012 & 2014 and got many more titles and podiums, but most importantly, we became a team.

Taiva is my dream came true. My true soulmate and the best dog I could ever wish for. Always willing to please me, always connected, always giving her 100%. She is 3 years now and this year, we already managed to qualify for European Open, National Championship, got to A3 class & won 2 jumping courses, one 2nd place in agility and 1st place in team competition at Border Collie Classic, which made me very proud.

I simply love systematic training and I believe that only with organised training plan and monitoring of your training sessions & competition results you can make your path to your goals efficient. AgiNotes makes this very easy as it allows me to have my personal notes, videos and statistics of each session and competition in one place, so I can see how we are doing and how we can do better. AgiNotes definitely brings Taiva and me closer to our goals!

Ashley Castro, USA


My name is Ashley and I have been competing in and teaching agility since 2012. I’m also the training manager at a new dog agility arena called Level Up Dog Sports in VA. My current agility dogs are two border collies named Solo (age 5) and Link(age 1). Solo and I have attended multiple national events and team tryouts together.

I’m a new mother with a crazy schedule. I’ve been very good at finding time to train my dogs but have been very bad at tracking our training progress and plans. AgiNotes has solved that for me! Since I always have my phone on me, it’s become a very convenient way to jot notes and results. It’s been wonderful to be able to use one thing to track my training sessions with multiple dogs. My training is now more targeted and focused and I can see the positive results already!

I’m now starting to tell all my students about AgiNotes, especially those with multiple dogs, to help them focus and get the most out of each training session and competition.

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Lisa Bächler, Switzerland

My name is Lisa and I have two dogs, a border collie Bonnie and a crossbred small dog Maluna. I was only 9 when I got Maluna. She was the perfect amateur dog and I started agility with her. Then after 6 years, I got my border collie Bonnie. Maluna is now retired and I have my full focus on Bonnie.

For me it is the main thing to have fun with the dog everywhere. So in the training or at a competition it is always about having fun. For me it is very important that we always go for our goals together as a team.

Agility is a sport, for me this means that the faster you have to run, the better. That is also my style in handling: When I can, I always want to run in front of the dog. If I run in a training or a competition, I always want to pay attention to my running and I aim to perfection. In addition, I want that my dog knows exactly what she's asked to do and thus, my main focus is on the precise training.

To have an overview about the education of my dog, I find AgiNotes a perfect help for keeping a journal and notes about my training. I can see what I’m focusing at or which aspects I neglect. Also when I have an impulsive idea I can note it right away, and I don’t forget it, because it is always in my app.


Anki Molander, Finland

I´m Anki Molander from Finland and I’ve been doing agility since the ´90s. For the four last years I’ve been part of the Finnish national agility team with my poodle InWhite Love Twister ”Wii”. We have several medals from the Finnish Championships, both individual and team, as well as from the Nordic Championships. Last autumn we even won the Nordic Championships individually! It´s such an experience to travel the world with my crazy, little superstar and I get so much inspiration from seeing all fantastic agility handlers and dogs out there!

Some years ago I was planning a litter from Wii, but surprisingly she ended up in the National team and there was no time for puppies then. So we went to AWC in Italy and I fell in love with some border collies. For many years I had dreamed of a border collie and after that trip I found what I was looking for. Now I have my 3 year old Hungarian BC girl ”Akira”. She started competing last year and she’s now in the grade two. I still have a lot to learn from handling a large dog and she’s also so different to teach than the poodles. Finally I also got the wonderful litter from Wii and her puppy ”Tipzy", who recently turned 2, stayed with us and hopefully she will start her agility career really soon.

I have never been really good at keeping track of my training nor trials, and when I really tried I always forgot my notebook out in the rain or lost it somewhere. But my phone is always with me and with AgiNotes it´s easy to keep track of statistics, faults, speed and results. Now I´m looking forward to see if I can get Wii´s speed graph to grow despite her age and if Akira will get a better clean run rate during this year. It´s really motivating to see the progress directly in the AgiNotes app!

Thomas Berger, Austria

I'm Thomas Berger from Austria. Together with Sibylle we have 5 dogs - Soey (2010, Border Collie), Cody (Aussie, 2012) Echo (2013, Border Collie), Noobsi (2017, Sheltie) and Lip (2019, Border Collie). They all are included in our daily life, we love to walk in beautiful nature and going for hikes as well.

We became crazy about agility in 2011 with Soey. Since then we’ve always been trying to get better and better, and finding things to make agility easy and simple. I think training good foundations is the key for that. Well educated and trained dogs will show you all their skills in competitions if you ask for it! So it will be easy for you to master tricky situations :-)

AgiNotes helps to track all the progress of trainings and competitions. Its really cool to have an app for that - your phone is always by your side, so you don’t forget to write down things you trained or you have to train more. AgiNotes also shows you all statistics you want to see with just one click! That’s really awesome for chaotic agility-nerds like me!