What is AgiNotes?

AgiNotes is a web service designed to make dog agility training more systematic and tracking your development easy. AgiNotes helps you focus on your dog’s individual needs and celebrate small wins. This way you will take steps towards the best version of you two as a team. 

  • Plan your training easily and break training topics into a step by step action plan

  • Collect inspiring ideas onto your training list

  • Track your progress in training

  • Track the development of your results and speed

  • Track the issues that are causing the faults in competitions

  • Keep your training and competition data in good order to be able to review them easily any time you like

  • Use it with any device: mobile, tablet or computer

  • Reach your goals! Read more


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AgiNotes is incredibly useful to us as I love being able to track our progress as our training goes on, as well as knowing exactly where our weaknesses are to become even better in the future.
— Sammy Pegg (Blaze, Bliss, Tempo)

When I first heard about AgiNotes I was super curious and I am very happy to be able to track my results much more easily. I can find the problem areas much faster from the results of my competitions, so I can plan my training more efficiently.
— Jane Elene Christensen, Jiggy, Do It, Chip, Flip

I’ve always enjoyed tracking our speeds and success but never enjoyed the time and effort to write it all down and look at it on my computer. Using AgiNotes on my phone solved this for me with its quick and easy approach to being an Agility Geek! It allows me to track Thea’s progress and highlight areas of improvement, which makes our training more targeted and effective.
— Ollie Tatton, Thea


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