You can try the service for free and add any number of training topics, and up to 10 training diary and trial run markings to your account. However, if you find the service useful and want to continue using it, no worries. We’ve worked hard to keep our price affordable for everyone.

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✓ Create a profile
✓ Add your dogs
✓ Use training list
✓ Add up to 10 training diary or trial run markings

Premium - 3,9€ per month

Billed annually. Includes everything.

However, if you wish to pay monthly, that's also possible. Then the price is 4,9€ per month.


Get AgiNotes Premium

1. Go to the app (

2. Tap on the menu at the top-right corner.

3. Choose "Subscription".

4. Order the premium and enjoy the unlimited use of the app and all the interesting stats!

I’m so happy AgiNotes exists! The idea of planning and tracking training by using my phone is awesome. I have tried notebooks etc, but they keep disappearing. But my phone is always with me.

I like that I am able to plan my training in a detailed way, but most of all how I can track the development. The competition features look super cool, and the detailed features make notes so much fun!
— Cathrine Skaret (Zuki, Xavi)
I am always looking to better myself and training. AgiNotes is such a cool service for tracking our training and runs along with staying on task with the things we need to work on to keep working towards and achieving our goals.
— Jesi Vanden Landenberg (Stormy, Mayhem, Zae)
AgiNotes is just the app I’ve been waiting for! Tracking success couldn’t be any easier!

— Aino McLean (Sohvi, Lotta, Ronja)