What’s the story behind AgiNotes?

Ten years ago I was living a normal Finnish family life with small kids. Then I took a sheltie puppy called Hippu. Hippu was meant to be an easy little doggie you could take on quiet walks and with which you could sit on the couch watching movies. Well, he wasn't what we had expected. Instead he was, and still is, a very active and challenging little creature. One thing lead to another and agility sneaked into my life and slowly filled it. Now I compete actively in agility with Hippu and my border collie Hyvis.

In 2016, I started to wonder why it was so hard to track one's progress in dog agility. People, me included, made guesses and estimations on, for instance, how their performance had developed and what caused the problems they had: “I think that we’ve been performing better this season”, or “I think he’s not as fast as he normally is, perhaps something is wrong”. Those who were very active wrote down their results and used a calculator or excel sheets to get an idea of the clean run percentages and average speed in competition runs.

I started to think that what if there were a tracking system that would not only save time and energy from the guesswork, but would also help direct all that energy to the things that would take the performance to the next level. What if there were a tool that would help people focus on the right things and succeed in agility?

I started sketching a system that would make things easier for agility handlers and soon noticed that I was spending all my (and my husband’s and friends') free time with the plans. I have to say, the path hasn't been an easy one, but the idea has been so inspiring from the start and the feedback from other agility competitors so good that it carried us through the difficulties. Now the service is up and running and serving agility handlers all over the world. And there’s a long list of new features waiting to be developed! 

We really want to help you reach your goals and succeed, and on a higher level, improve the quality of agility!

Join us now and use the power of data in your training!

Mari Oksanen,