You can try the service for free and add any number of training topics, and up to 10 training diary and competition run markings to your account. If you find the service useful and want to continue using it, no worries - we’ve worked hard to keep our price affordable for everyone.

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✓ Create a profile
✓ Add your dogs (as many as you have)
✓ Use training list
✓ Add training diary entries
✓ Add competition run entries
✓ Count your speed
✓ See your 10 latest entries
✓ See statistics of your 10 latest entries

Premium - 3,9€ per month

✓ Create a profile
✓ Add your dogs (as many as you have)
✓ Use training list
✓ Add as many training diary entries as you want
✓ Add as many competition run entries as you want
✓ Count your speed
✓ See all your entries
✓ See statistics of all your entries

Billed annually. Includes everything.

However, if you wish to pay monthly, that's also possible. Then the price is 4,9€ per month.


Get AgiNotes Premium

1. Go to the app (

2. Tap on the menu at the top-right corner.

3. Choose "Subscription".

4. Order the premium and enjoy the unlimited use of the app and all the interesting stats!

Or, buy AgiNotes gift card ;)

It’s hard enough as it is, to compete with two dogs in the same class, but with AgiNotes it becomes easier! Easier to focus on each dog, individually, and together become a better team. What I love about the AgiNotes app is the ability to see the connection between training and competition: thus it is easier to create training lists to become better. AgiNotes helps us in the process of achieving our goals!
— Silje Johansen (Bea, Liz and Windy)

Aginotes makes things so much easier. Before, I used a notebook or notes on my telephone, but it always got out of system or I forgot to take the notebook with me to training. Now i can just use my phone and it’s system. I also really love the statistics! AgiNotes really helps me achieve my goals and track our progress.
— Ole Kristoffer R.B Sagløkken (Evo, Dia)

We use AgiNotes to see where we have trouble in competitions, with all the good details of the statistics. After that we can plan our next trainings and have a list of what to improve. As it’s easy to use, this app is becoming our best friend in training and it help us in achieving our goals in competitions. I can only recommend this app!
— Thomas Raczka (Curly, Must In Black)

I’m so happy AgiNotes exists! The idea of planning and tracking training by using my phone is awesome. I have tried notebooks etc, but they keep disappearing. But my phone is always with me.

I like that I am able to plan my training in a detailed way, but most of all how I can track the development. The competition features look super cool, and the detailed features make notes so much fun!
— Cathrine Skaret (Zuki, Xavi)

I’m a quite chaotic person and AgiNotes brings some structure into my training and competitions without having tons of loose sheets everywhere. As a designer, I especially like how my training progress is shown in graphs so I can easily follow up what I have to train with my experienced competition dog. I’m using AgiNotes for both, my competition dog and my puppy. And for both I can easily keep track of my progress and get one step closer to our goals.
— Christine Faltner (Pipi, Jamjam, Tvitvi)