7 new features to the training part of the app!


We all know that the competition part of the AgiNotes app has been more evolved than the training list, right. The training list has been like a nice little puppy which lacks some important skills such as recalls and house cleanliness. But not anymore! Now also the training part of the app is like a real competition-ready dog with great RC, fluent verbals and what not! If you cannot see the new features, please clear the cache of your browser.

Read on for more :) We have added many features that work together in helping you plan your training and follow how skills are progressing. The new features are:

Subtopics for training list (Premium feature)

Often the skills you need to train are more or less complex, and you need to break them into smaller details. Let’s take an example: if you have running contacts on your training list, it might feel like too much. In reality, you need to train the mat, add speed, train on a plank etc. Breaking into smaller pieces helps you handle the mammoth and deal with it, one small piece at a time. It's easier to move towards the needed skill set one step at a time. So, let’s start breaking those huge training list topics into smaller skills!


Notes to the training list items

We’ve noticed that it’s sometimes impossible to describe the skill that needs to be trained in just a few words - like “tight turns from the dog walk when you are totally late and there’s a wonderful obstacle such as a tunnel in sight that the dog will most probably choose if I don’t train the turns properly”. Yes...sometimes things just need some additional explaining. So, now you have the possibility to add notes to all the training list items: training topics, subtopics and exercices (oh yes, exercises, that’s the next point).


Exercises to the training list (Premium feature)

Sometimes a training list item just yells for specific exercises, course maps and videos you have seen on social media, for example. Now you can add them to the training topics (or subtopics). This way you can collect training ideas relating to a specific theme, or make longer and more exact plans around a specific skill set! When you take time to plan your training well, it helps you in reaching your goals. And this goes for foundation training as well ;)


Moving exercises from the training list to the training diary (Premium feature)

After planning well, it’s time to train! Just look up the exercise on the training list and click “Move to my training diary”. You can add the same exercise from the training list to the training diary as many times as you want. Sometimes you need to do the same exercise several times and we wanted to make it easy for you.


Copying training list items to another dog

When you have prepared a great training plan and added subcategories and exercises to one of your dog's profiles, you might want to copy that entity directly to your other dog's profile. Well, now you can just click “Copy to my other dog” and choose the dog you want to copy it to. Voilá!


Tracking progress of training topics (Premium feature)

When you have added subtopics or exercises to your training topic, you get to see the progress of your training relating to that skill set. We all know how it sometimes feels like we haven't done anything, and oh, there’s still so much to do, but now we can SEE that we have done loads of things within a certain topic and we don’t necessarily have that much to do anymore! This helps us celebrate the small wins like managing a new skill set.


Statistics about training list items

No one is ever ready in agility, but we should be able to feel good about what we have achieved, and also about what we have been able to plan, which is a looong step closer to ready than something we haven’t yet planned. Now you can see how many training list items, topics, subtopics and exercises there are, and how many of them you have already done! You can check them out whenever and pat yourself on the back for doing a good job!


Bug in statistics fixed

Thanks to an active Premium user, we found a bug that messed the statistics of some users. That has now been fixed. So, if your statistics in training or competition have slightly changed, that is due to the fix. Thank you the active user, you know who you are :)

Gift cards-15% (6- and 12-month)

To celebrate this huge launch, we offer you our Premium gift cards for -15%. The offer is valid until 2.9.2019. Enjoy the wonderful new Premium features :)