Big dog agility events in Europe


I’m probably not the only one who dreams of traveling around Europe from one agility event to another. Or at least traveling to some agility event once in a while. Quite often there are questions in different forums about what competitions there are, where and when. These events often have a registration that ends months before the actual event, so you need to plan beforehand.

I collected the biggest dog agility events in Europe into one list from which you can find links directly to the events’ websites. If something is missing, please tell us :)

B.A.C.K. Bavarian Agility Challenge Kreuth

B.A.C.K. lasts 3 days and has 800 competitors a day. They have 8 judges, 4 rings and competitors from all over Europe. You can follow them on B.A.C.K. Facebook page.

B.A.C.K. Bavarian Agility Challenge Kreuth 3.-5.1.2020

Magna Racino Agility Open

The biggest indoor event in Austria with top quality surface. There are two rings and they take a maximum of 450 competitors.

Magna Racino Agility Open 24.1.-26.1. 2020

Hungarian Open

Hungarian Open offers top quality judges. The entry ended last year in October, so if you wish to go, follow the event’s Facebook page.

Hungarian Open 23.-24.2.2019


Crufts is a huge dog event in Birmingham, UK. In addition to agility, it also covers other dog sports. Every country can send a large team to the international class.The selection process of competitors varies from one country to another. As Crufts is not under FCI, each country has its own rules for selecting competitors. Often the chosen one is part of the national team or the winner of the national championships. To see what the event is like, watch Crufts videos on YouTube.

Crufts 5.-8.3.2020

World agility championships (IFCS)

IFCS organises World agility championships, which were in the Netherlands this year. In addition to the normal agility and jumping courses, there are also games classes, such as snooker and gamblers. Read Becky Sinclair’s experiences about the event.

World agility championships 10.-14.4.2019

World Agility Open

World Agility Open (WAO) gathers teams from all over the world, this year from 38 countries, to enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere and a great set up. In addition to agility and jumping, there are also games classes. The selection of competitors varies from one country to another, but you can also apply to wildcards. Read Jessi Landen’s interview a year ago.

World Agility Open 15.-17.5.2020

Swedish Open

The first ever Swedish Open was held this year near Gothenburg, Sweden. This year was already very popular and the event will probably grow from one year to the next.

Swedish Open 29.-31.3.2019

The CSJ open

A 4 day competition in England. CSJ Open is Very similar format to WAO but open to all. It offers Biathlon, Pentathlon, Games and Speedstakes. This year was 13th to 16th June held at Addington Equestrian Centre, England.

CSJ Open 13.6.-16.6.2019

Moravia Open

Moravia Open is a highly appreciated competition in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic. The event has money prizes.

Moravia Open 5.-7.7.2019

Fionia Cup / Jutlandia Cup / Dania Cup

Denmark offers Fionia Cup (Ringe), Dania Cup (Rungsted Kyst) and Jutlandia Cup (Esbjerg), one every year. The events offer a lot of runs (up to 5 per day per team). In 2019, it’s Fionia Cup’s turn, but the registration has already ended. In 2020 it’s Dania Cup (week 28 or 29), so if you want to participate, follow their Facebook group. They have promised more information by July 1st.

Fionia Cup 14.-19.7.2019

Avallon Cup

Avallon Cup is a week of agility in the middle of the Morvan park's forests, Avallon, France. It consists of 4 days of competition and 4 days of seminars with top agility names. Avallon Cup promises to offer 12 of the world's best judges and there are more than 1 500 dogs from 25 countries competing for the title of Titan of the Avallon Cup. Avallon Cup also offers parties in the evenings and the whole event is described as a show. This year’s registration is already over, but to apply next year, please follow Avallon Cup Facebook page. You can also watch the event through live stream. Read an interview with Fabrice Laligant, the owner of the event.

Avallon Cup 18.-21.7.2019

European Open

A very highly appreciated competition that gathers the top teams from so many countries. The event is organiser in different place every year. This year in Netherlands.

European Open 25.-27.7.2019

Border Collie Classic

Border Collie Classic is an Open European Agility Championship for Border Collies with an FCI recognized pedigree and it’s very popular among border collie owners. The competition is held every year, always the weekend before or after EO, and in different places. In 2019, it’s in Germany. This year’s registration has already ended.

Border Collie Classic 2.-4.8.2019
2020: Poland, 7-9 August
2021: Portugal
2022: Belgium

Janakkala Open

Ok, this is not yet that big an event, but it’s definitely growing. One of the greatest agility events in Finland with relaxed and fun atmosphere and wonderful international judges!

Janakkala Open 2.-4.8.

Swiss Agility Cup

Swiss agility cup is the largest agility event in Switzerland. 350 competitors from all over the world, 155 mobile homes, indoor and outdoor agility fields, international judges and all. The event lasts for a week with 3 runs per day. Every day, there will be a qualification run for the Swiss Agility Cup finals. Beside agility, you can also hike around or have a swim in one of the three lakes near the venue.

Swiss Agility Cup 4.-10.8.2019

Kennel Club International Agility Festival

Kennel Club International Agility Festival is a huge agility event in Leicestershire, UK. In 2018 there were over 3,000 dogs from all over the world competing in 18 rings holding over 200 separate classes.

8.-11.8.2019, KCI Agility Festival


International Mix&breed Championship Agility and ParAgility World Championships are organised in different location every year. This year they take place this year in Spain.

IMCA and PAWC 22.-25.8.2019

Agility World Championships (AWC)

Agility World Championships is the main event under FCI. It collects the top teams to one place (different every year). Getting to compete in AWC is the biggest dream for many agility handlers and even in the audience you can spot current agility trends and enjoy the atmosphere of a great sport event. The competitors are chosen in many countries via tryouts. This year AWC will be held in Turku, Finland and you can buy tickets online. If you cannot travel to Finland, you can also watch the live stream.

AWC 19.-22.9.2019

Norwegian Open

Norwegian Open is a high quality event near Oslo, Norway. The event collects top quality judges and competitors together and the event is famous for its great atmosphere. It also includes a pizza party. Registration is open now. Read an interview with Jan Egil Eide, the owner of the event.

Norwegian Open 11.-13.10.2019

X-Bionic Agility Open

X-Bionic Agility Open is a new agility event in Šamorín, Slovakia. The winner is awarded a prize of 6000€. You can register to the event on the X-Bionic web site.

X-Bionic Agility Open 8.-10.11.2019

IPAC, International Poodle Agility Cup

International Poodle Agility Cup will be held at Dog Sports Center Jacky Jack, Kalkar, Germany. Wonderful event for all poodle owners.

IPAC 17.-18.11.2019

Gold Rush Competition

Gold Rush competition is an interesting competition in Germany, and it differs from many other agility events by its atmosphere.


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