AgiNotes en español, auf Deutsch, en français, på svenska, suomeksi, på norsk!

We want to develop AgiNotes continuously and we are determined to do so. We are so happy about all the feedback and great ideas given to us by you users, and we want to continue receiving them in the future. Your requests have been noted, and we prioritize them continuously. Some take more time than others, but we are working on them. Today we’ve published a new release of AgiNotes. In this release, we’ve added languages, improved the Facebook log in, fixed some usability issues and made improvements in the background.

AgiNotes en español, auf Deutsch, en français, på svenska, suomeksi, på norsk!

The most important aspect about this new release is that we added multiple languages to the AgiNotes app. You can now use it in English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian! This is by far the most requested improvement and we are so happy to be able to accommodate. You can easily change the language in the settings. The language on our website, emails and social media channels remains English.

You can easily change the language in the app

  1. Choose menu and go to the settings
  2. Select your language

We want to thank all of our translators, you are gems dipped in pure gold!

Improved Facebook log in

Some users have had problems with the Facebook log in. After logging in, they have ended up on a blank page. We’ve found the reasons for the problem, and they have now been fixed.

However, there is a slight possibility, that there are more problem sources and we might not have found them all, so if you continue to have this problem, please contact us.

Plus button to pencil button


We’ve been asked surprisingly often how entries can be edited or deleted. Clearly, having those functions behind the plus button isn’t the best option.

For this reason, it has now been changed to a pencil button in the places, where you can also edit and delete your entries.


Smaller improvements in the background

We’ve done some smaller fixes to the background to improve the whole product. These are not as visible to you, but they affect the way the app works.

Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback or shared new ideas with us. Please continue to contact us if you have any questions, problems or ideas. We are really doing this for you.