New features coming before the end of 2018!

As promised, we will now reveal what new features are coming before the end of 2018! We are so excited about these features and we hope you’ll love them as well!

Improvements for iPhone user experience

With Android phones, AgiNotes has felt the same as any app, from day one. However, this has not been the case with iPhones. For this reason, many iPhone users have hoped for improvements, or even a downloadable app for AgiNotes. Now, you will get the improvements!

Summary view -and more stats than ever before

As you have wished, we will add a summary view of different statistics to AgiNotes! After getting this feature out, you’ll see statistics with one glance, and, what’s even cooler, you will also get new kinds of statistics!

On the new summary view page, you’ll get information on your number of competitions and training sessions, activity every month, placements, clean run rate, and speed. With the free version, you’ll see the stats of the 10 latest entries, and with premium you’ll see all ;)

A tool to count speed

This has been one of the most asked-for features, since there are so many countries where the speed is not directly in the results list. With the new tool, you can count the speed by inserting course length and the course time! Amazing, right?

Adding coach’s name to the training entries

Many of you have pointed out that it would be great to have a place where one could add the coach’s name in training sessions. Well, soon you can :) The name will also be visible in the training sessions feed.

Additions to training categories

We’ve had some feedback on the training categories and that the list is missing some things. Now, based on the feedback, we’ll be adding three categories:

  1. Foundations

  2. Trial practice

  3. Verbals