The most memorable moments in AWC 2018

Here’s a collection of the most memorable moments in AWC in 2018, according to Iina Asunta.

Daniel Schröder and Cashew

Daniel Schröder and Cashew when a bar was dropped (both individual courses). “It was such a pity, since they really were so fast and good otherwise.

Silas Boogk and Beam

“I really hoped they would win. I really love that handling doesn’t need to look controlled and beautiful, when you do something with an attitude. They did such amazing runs and Silas really manages to get all out of his dog!”

Silvia Trkman and Le

“Amazing openings to the courses even though the dog doesn’t stay in starts. Silvia runs behind and the dog knows what to do and does it independently.”

Martina Magnoli Klimešová and Kiki

“Kiki is over 10 years old and moved so well, and managed to win! And how Martina was so touched about the win!

Natasha Gjerulff and Movie

“Natasha is our Nitro’s breeder, and it was so great to see how they managed to win when it was their first AWC!

Nicola Giraudi and Eira

“They won even though Eira has a 2on2off dogwalk! Eira was faster in other parts of the course and Nicola moved so well!”

Russian team in large dogs.

“Russia’s large team rocked! Four clean runs and what runs!

Norwegian supporters

“They yelled and cheered for everyone, even after a disqualification. Every time a Norwegian run, my friend started to cry, she was so moved by the supporters’ great attitude.”

Toby and Sergio Sousa

“We were so moved by this team! We had to share handkerchiefs among the audience. Toby is an amazing golden retriever. And this team showed that you can get to the top with a relaxed attitude. And that doesn’t mean that you don’t have goals, or that you wouldn’t work hard to get to the top. It just means that you should keep the joy in what you are doing.”

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