What’s the story behind AgiNotes?

Ten years ago I was living a normal Finnish family life with small kids. Then I took a sheltie puppy called Hippu. Hippu was meant to be an easy little doggie you could take on quiet walks and with which you could sit on the couch watching movies. Well, he wasn't what we had expected. Instead he was, and still is, a very active and challenging little creature. One thing lead to another and agility sneaked into my life and slowly filled it. Now I compete actively in agility with Hippu and my border collie Hyvis.

In 2016, I started to wonder why it was so hard to track one's progress in dog agility. People, me included, made guesses and estimations on, for instance, how their performance had developed and what caused the problems they had: “I think that we’ve been performing better this season”, or “I think he’s not as fast as he normally is, perhaps something is wrong”. Those who were very active wrote down their results and used a calculator or excel sheets to get an idea of the clean run percentages and average speed in trial runs.

I started to think that what if there were a tracking system that would not only save time and energy from the guesswork, but would also help direct all that energy to the things that would take the performance to the next level. What if there were a tool that would help people focus on the right things and succeed in agility?

I started sketching a system that would make things easier for agility handlers and soon noticed that I was spending all my (and my husband’s and friends') free time with the plans. I have to say, the path hasn't been an easy one, but the idea has been so inspiring from the start and the feedback from other agility competitors so good that it carried us through the difficulties. Now the service is up and running and serving agility handlers all over the world. And there’s a long list of new features waiting to be developed! 

We really want to help you reach your goals and succeed, and on a higher level, improve the quality of agility!

Join us now and use the power of data in your training!

The Core Team

  Mari Oksanen   Founder, CEO

Mari Oksanen
Founder, CEO

  Rikupekka Oksanen  Co-founder, Advisor

Rikupekka Oksanen
Co-founder, Advisor

  Pekka Halonen Partner & CTO

Pekka Halonen
Partner & CTO

We cooperate actively with other dog agility people, a local technology company, SLN Import Group and several other companies. If you'd like to cooperate with us, don't hesitate to contact us. We are especially interested in doing marketing together with other companies who are supporting dog agility in some way, e.g. creating great products that help in training or competitions.


Members of the AgiNotes Team

AgiNotes supports some outstanding and positive agility people who work hard to get to their goals, compete against themselves, and at the same time, inspire and lift others up. We are proud to present Annika af Klercker, Iina Asunta, Becky Sinclair (and there's more to come)!


Annika Af Klercker, Sweden

My name is Annika and I compete with my border collie Storma. In 2017, we made it to the Swedish National Team for the first time and took both an individual silver medal and team silver in the Nordic Championships. We also went to the World Championships in the Czech Republic and our team ended up in 5th place. 

In 2018, we won 2nd place in the Swedish Championships and are now looking forward to the European Open in Austria in July. 

I am a really geeky dog trainer that loves to analyze details and develop my dog's skills. I love to know that my dogs are well educated and prepared for all challenges. 

Despite this, I have never been good at keeping a diary of our training or our trials. But AgiNotes is different! It is so easy for me to fill in our trainings and post some notes about how it went – and to add our trial runs and get great statistics about our possible faults, results and speed.

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Iina Asunta, Finland

My name is Iina and I compete with my shelties Xenon and Kromi. We’ve had an amazing journey with Xenon: In 2015 we won a bronze medal in the Finnish Championships, in 2017 we won the indoor nationals and in 2018 we won a silver medal in the Finnish Championships, even after a really difficult year and Xenon getting ill with thyroid insufficiency. 

We’ve been in the WAO Team Finland in 2014 and the EO in 2015 and 2017. This year we’ll be representing Finland in the Nordic Championships!

AgiNotes has been such a welcomed service for us! I’ve been participating in the development of it by giving feedback and testing the service from the very beginning. AgiNotes makes it easy for me to track my training and competitions. Too often a training diary, if it even exists, is somewhere else, and not with me when I’m training, but my mobile phone is always in my pocket! 

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Becky Sinclair, U.K.

My name is Becky and I live in the U.K. with my three border collies Sixx, Who and Why.  Who is 3yrs old, currently competing at G6 with two wins to G7 (our highest level).  This season so far he has qualified for the Senior Olympia quarter Finals at KCI and gained 9 Crufts points (14 minimum needed!).  Why is 16mths and will be competing at his first show in August.  

Agility is my passion and I’m definitely a bit of a nerd about it!  AgiNotes is perfect for me as it will help me record my dogs mps and keep a record of any areas I need to train more.  I’m particularly looking forward to recording Why’s show results from his very first season!

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Jesi Vanden langenberg, USA

My name is Jesi and I have been competing in agility for 9 years. I am an agility trainer and international competitor. I have three dogs, amazing Stormy who is my first agility dog (retired,) Mayhem who was on team USA in 2012 for the European Open Junior and my youngest dog Zae who competed at the International Agility Festival in England and the Berger Agility Sommer Event in Germany in 2017.  #WeHaveGoals.  

I've always been obsessed with dogs, and agility has taken over my life in the best way possible. I am always looking to better myself and training.  AgiNotes is such a cool service for tracking our training and runs along with staying on task with the things we need to work on to keep working towards and achieving our goals. 

I can be a bit lazy and forgetful with tracking scores and going back to train things from competitions. I went to school for philosophy and have a very analytical mind so having a place to record comprehensive info about our runs and training along being able to visually see it in graphs is super helpful.  

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Enya Habel, Sweden

My name is Enya and I’m from Stockholm, although I'm currently living in Luleå. 

I have two dogs. A jack russel terrier Sydney and a sheltie Party. Sydney is 8,5 years old and she's my first dog. Party just turned 3. I’ve been doing agility since 2011 when I started to train with Sid. 

During the years I’ve slowly been figuring out what kind of agility I like and I always fall back on “the simple one”. I want my agility to look simple from the ringside and most important, I want my agility to feel simple. I think a big key to a simple agility is a well educated dog and I put my main focus on building a steady foundation for my dogs. So when I ask them for something in the course - they know how to solve it and I have a freedom to leave early. 

When I put so much time in foundations and training, I find Aginotes perfect to keep journal and notes about my training sessions. I can see what we did and didn’t train. I can see what we should master and what’s too much to ask. 

I can keep journal on my trials, speed, disqualifications and course fault reasons. 

Just incredible for a nerd like me! 


Supporting AgiNotes

We are happy that there are companies and organisations that are excited about our journey to create and offer an app for agility people. They are listed below. If you want to be one of them and cooperate with us in some way, feel free to contact us.


Central Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Central Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment has funded the project by the EU EAFRD.


SLN Import group Ltd

SLN Import Group Ltd imports pet food such as Acana and Orijen to Finland. They are interested in supporting sport dogs with good nutrition and doing marketing cooperation with AgiNotes.


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